Chase Rice is well prepared for the pressure cooker that is being a professional musician. Born and raised in Daytona Beach, Florida, he grew up playing football and eventually earned a spot at the University of North Carolina as a linebacker. When an injury ended his career in collegiate athletics, Rice traded the pigskin for a six-string; he's been writing music ever since.


Bobby Blotzer has been the drummer of Ratt for the last 34 years. Despite the group's episodic hiccups and hiatuses, he's made a career out of it that has lasted longer than many marriages. Hell, he's been in the band longer than I've been alive. Bobby and I spoke the day before his 57th birthday and in the midst of Ratt's latest litigious identity crisis.


Counting Crows, the American alternative rock band with hits, such as “Big Yellow Taxi,” “A Long December,” and “Accidentally In Love,” are back out on the road again as headliners to support their latest album, Somewhere Under Wonderland. The eagerly anticipated record, which debuted at #6 on the Billboard Top 200 charts upon its’ release in late 2014, is the first studio album of original material to be released by the band in six years.


What does the rubber capital of the world, The National Marble Tournament, Devo, Chrissie Hynde, David Allen Coe and Lebron James all have in common? Akron, Ohio! Better add one more to that list, Red Sun Rising! This five piece “Thread” band consists of Ryan Williams (Guitar), Mike Protich (Vocals, Guitar), Tyler Valendza (Guitar), Ricky Miller (Bass, Vocals) and Pat Gerasia (Drums).


Now that Pop Evil have released their fourth full length album and have picked up where “Onyx” had left off, they continue their progression in the only direction they know, “Up.”

This Grand Rapids, MI based group consists of Leigh Kakaty on Lead Vocals, Dave Grahs on Rhythm and Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals, Matt DiRito on Bass Guitar/ Backing Vocals, Nick Fuelling on Lead and Rhythm Guitar and Chachi Riot on Drums.


Exploring Gary Schutt's music, and especially reading the lyrics to his songs, reveals that this hard rock artist has an intriguing variety in his style and a spark of genius in his imaginative songwriting. With ten albums out and another about to be released, this is obviously an art and a lifelong passion for the prolific guitarist, singer, and songwriter in Tampa, Florida.

"I love the creative process of challenging myself to come up with new material," Gary said. "My songs are random stories drawn from my experiences. Each song is completely different."


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