Most bands or artists have a specific genre that they fall into, but there is a certain artist that is so unique; there really is no-one like him. He is a little bit Rock n’ Roll, a little swing with some blues, and punk all mixed in. It's called Rockabilly. And I had the pleasure of talking with 3-time Grammy award winner Brian Setzer. He also is the founder and lead singer of the Stray Cats and of his 19-piece Brian Setzer Orchestra as a solo artist.


American Idol has long been known as being launching pad for young superstars over the years, giving artists the opportunity to shine and to start their careers. Nick Fradiani is no exception. After winning the show, Fradiani’s career continues to shine as he grows as an artist in the pop genre. We had the chance to speak with Fradiani about his new EP, American Idol and his upcoming tour.


In the 80's and 90's, Exile was a well-known country band. The group started out in the early 60's as a rock and roll group known as the Exiles. They had one major hit called "Kiss You All Over." In 1973, they shortened their name just to "Exile."


It's a beautiful day on this Wednesday when I meet up with one of the coolest front men I have ever witnessed on stage. A long time Florida rocker, with bands like Stranger, Damn the Torpedo’s and now The Greg Billings Band (GBB). I finally get to sit down with Greg Billings himself. This incredible singer and entertainer, who has inspired many to grab a Budweiser and have a kick ass time no matter which band he was or is in.


For over 25 years, Don Felder has been known as the lead guitarist for The Eagles. He is also a singer and songwriter.


American rock band REO Speedwagon has been around since the late 60's and has had numerous greatest hits like "Keep On Loving You," "Time for Me to Fly," "Take It on the Run," and many, many more. Bruce Hall is the bass guitarist, lead and harmony vocals, and has been with REO Speedwagon since 1977.


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