Some musicians disconnect after reaching a certain level of fame. They continue writing music, playing shows, and jumping through the various hoops expected of a popular band, yet somewhere along the line they start performing more as professionals and less as the artists who struggled to get there. Phoning it in, if you will.


Think of an island with a flourishing reggae scene. Now stop thinking about Jamaica. Instead, land in Hawaii, where the last 50 years have fostered a thriving scene for music from the 50th state. Reggae bands that emerge from the Hawaiian islands each embody their own interpretation of this tradition, though, in their ability to share a slice of Pacific paradise, they remain united.


Collective Soul describes their band as an American rock band, “Just Rock and Roll,” originally from Georgia, currently based out of Atlanta. The band hit the mainstream with popularity with their first hit single “Shine,” some of their other popular songs include; “December,” “Run” and “The World I Know.” The current band lineup consists of Ed Roland (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards), Dean Roland (rhythm guitar), Will Turpin (bass, backing vocals), Johnny Rabb (drums, percussion), Jesse Triplet (lead guitar).


International Country Power Duo, Thompson Square have been topping the charts with songs “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not,” “If I Didn’t Have You,” and “Everything I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About.” Three #1 hits (in three countries – United States, Canada, and Australia), five Top-15 hits, and seven mainstream industry awards, (including ACM and CMA “Vocal Duo of the Year”). Thompson Square – the married power couple, show no signs of slowing down.


Century Media decided to take a gamble and it is really starting to pay off. Las Vegas based Otherwise has steadily become a fan favorite across the country. At the helm are brothers Adrian Patrick (Lead Vocals) and Ryan Patrick (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), along with Corky Gainsford (Drums, Backing Vocals), Andrew Pugh (Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals) and Tony “The Beast” Carboney (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals). I recently had the chance to sit down with Adrian at the world famous “Machine Shop” in Flint, MI to discuss Otherwise in depth.


Few go to a Hard Rock Cafe looking only for food. Sure, the restaurant offers tasty burgers, heaping plates of nachos, and plenty of cold brews to wash it all down, but these establishments are not just places to eat – they are time capsules. Each location is covered wall-to-wall with instruments, costumes and other oddities, ranging from a bass guitar played by John Entwistle, to one of Flavor Flav's signature clocks.


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