They are one of the world's best-selling bands of all-time. They have 28 albums that have been certified to the level of gold or higher. The most of any US rock band. They have just been inducted into the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame. With a list of never-ending achievements and credentials, this band is KISS.


Trapt is a platinum-selling rock band from California. The group consists of Chris Taylor Brown, the lead singer, as well as lead guitarist Travis Miguel, drummer Dylan Thomas Howard, and bass guitarist Peter Charell. They are best known for their hit song, “Headstrong,” which was released in October 2002. Now, almost 12 years after their hit song debuted, the band is still growing musically and they have announced a self-titled tour for this summer, where they will perform their first “self-titled” album in its entirety.


Matt Nathanson has become a well-known songwriter and performer. His 2007 album, Some Mad Hope brought him great recognition with his hit single “Come on Get Higher” that has sold over 2 million copies. The record also included “Car Crash,” “Falling Apart” and “All We Are.” The achievement of “Some Mad Hope” brought him to the VH1 spotlight as the “You Oughta Know” artist. Nathanson has appeared on national television shows including David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Ellen, and more.


Most rock bands come and go. Many disappear from the music scene without fully realizing their musical goals and dreams. Very few bands reach the heights of the music world, topping the charts, selling out arenas and winning prestigious awards. The Fray have achieved all of these and all within their first few years of existence. Currently on tour, The Fray's guitarist Dave Welsh took time from the band's current tour to talk about the goings-on with the band.


What is the logical next step when you have a successful music career in an alternative rock band? Why, start a solo career in country music, of course. That's exactly the career path taken by Aaron Lewis.


When it is meant to happen, it will happen. That is very true for the band JackMantra. Their story began back in 2006, when drummer Mike DiDonatis was introduced to guitarist Joe Goon. Later, they met bass player Larry Hendrix through a mutual friend. DiDonatis joined a cover band by himself and remained friends with Goon, but had a falling out with Hendrix. They all kept playing independently, kept making music and fate took a turn when DiDonatis and Hendrix ran into each other at a show and reconciled. From there, they began to form the band now known as JackMantra.


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