Blackberry Smoke/Doobie Brothers (Ribfest - St. Petersburg, FL) - 11/12/16

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By: Gail Gerdes

The first thing I can think of, is “Thank You” Northeast Exchange Club and Sonny’s Bar-B-Q for an extraordinary Ribfest 2016! Rockin Ribs – Helping Kids! This has been just an outstanding day of food, fun, and music for this year’s Ribfest in St. Pete.

Huey Lewis & The News (Ribfest - St. Petersburg, FL) - 11/11/16

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By: Gail Gerdes

What a great kick off tonight to Ribfest 2016 in St. Petersburg. The weather was wonderful. Bar-B-Q Vendors were lined up on both the north and the south sides of Vinoy Park as far as the eye could see. The Fran Haas Law Group Stage (main stage) to the east and directly across the park was the Lloyd BBQ – Guardian Trust Stage. Food, music and plenty of fun for the whole family.

Howard Stern Details All-Star Tribute to Beatles' 'Revolver'

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Howard Stern will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Revolver, his favorite Beatles album, with an all-star episode featuring over a dozen artists covering the 1966 LP's tracks. "Revolver to me is the best album the Beatles ever did; there was nothing like it when that album came out," Stern said of the album on his show.

ARW (Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman)

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Who is ARW? Well let me tell you! This band is comprised of three former members of the group famously known as YES. Although each had a stake in the fame of YES, they had lived it in different eras of the band. While joining forces on only one YES tour (91-92 Union Tour), they have had success working as pairs. But it was decided years ago, that this union would come together, and that day has arrived.

Alter Bridge

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There are so many rock bands in the world that play all different genres of music. Some of them may be talented, but rarely do bands stay together with the same lineup. Alter Bridge brings a different story to this, over a decade into playing, the band lineup hasn’t changed and these guys rock like they have from the beginning. Their 5th album entitled, “The Last Hero,” releasing in October, proves that Alter Bridge has no desire to quit anytime soon and they are better and bigger than ever. Alter Bridge is here to stay for a long time.

Enuff Z'nuff

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When you have an archive of music, it can be hard to continue to evolve and to get the most out of one’s creativity. Enuff Z’nuff is one of the best examples of this. Commitment is something that has to be shown in the music industry, Enuff Z’Nuff has more creativity in one song than most bands have in an entire library. Hailing from Blue Island, Illinois, Enuff Z’nuff (pronounced Enough is Enough) started recording at the very beginning of their career and haven’t even thought about stopping and still have a lot to offer to the world of hair metal and rock music.

Local Access with Keith Wilkins

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What do you need to do to prove that you are one of the top musical groups of all time? 15 albums that each have landed within the top 100 on the charts? Seven of those albums in the top 10? 37 singles in the top 50? 15 of those singles in the top 10? Plus one of the most powerful female voices with beauty to match, and one of the most powerful voices to grace a stage? Combine all of the above and you have Heart.

Cheap Trick

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In today’s music world, it’s rare of someone even hearing about bands staying together even more than 5 years, this band has been together more than 40 years. Yes, that band is none other than the long lived Cheap Trick. “This new album is our 17th album. 2016 would make us 42 years old” says Zander reflecting upon their success. These guys recently released an amazing album titled, “Bang, Zoom, Crazy...Hello”, which manages to capture the beloved Cheap Trick sound while using modern day equipment to put a new spin on a classic band.


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Out of London, England, 47 years ago, arose the band that would change music fans prospective on just what would be considered a commercial tune, with their symphonic meets progressive style that set them apart from everyone else. Yes has released 17 live albums, along with 21 studio efforts containing 22 singles, cracking the top 50 with ten top 10 hits. They had 3 of those reach number one, and the most recognizable being “Owner of a Lonely Heart’ from November of 1983.

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