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The trio of Chynna Phillips, Wendy Wilson, and Carnie Wilson, otherwise know as Wilson Phillips entered our hearts and stereos in the 1990's with their debut single, "Hold On" which was an instant #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Here we are in 2017 and this group is still going strong. I had the pleasure of speaking with Carnie Wilson about their upcoming tour and family life. Carnie is very down to earth and struggles with some of the same things we all struggle with and that is.... Not enough hours in a day.

Full Access: I understand you guys are very busy with this upcoming tour, what can we expect from this tour?

Carnie: Well, it's a 90 minute set. We have plenty of material we're doing, we are doing all of our hits and about three quarters from our new album.

Full Access: Your fans will be so happy your doing your older hits as well.

Carnie: Oh yeah...Of course! We have a new band... My husband Rob is producing the new album, and we're just so proud of this album.

Full Access: During your break from recording with Wilson Phillips you've done quite a bit of reality shows. Whats it like to have a film crew follow you around and take over your home for months at a time?

Carnie: It's definitely stressful. The actual camera crew being here; everybody's so wonderful and my daughter's love them so much! It’s really fun when they are here, that’s not the stressful part. The stressful part is I feel my personal life goes down the tubes.

I love taking my kids to school and picking them up from school, making them lunch everyday. But when i’m working I can’t do that. It’s divided by myself, my husband, and our nanny. Right now, my stress is at an all time high, but i’m taking it one day at a time. I’m very grateful that there are so many wonderful things happening.

Full Access: When you're not touring, what do you enjoy doing with your family?

Carnie: I would say I treasure being with my daughters, and just doing nothing but hanging out and watching movies with them. My daughter Lola; i’m very active in her school, I bake for them, and I read in the classroom; just normal mommy activities with them.

Full Access: That’s so amazing that your able to find the time with all you do.

Carnie: It’s definitely multi-tasking for sure, it really is. I’m just trying to keep a balance, a plan, and a structure with my own needs as well. I’m just on a great path food wise. I’m eating really healthy and losing weight, and taking better care of myself more.

Full Access: You have talked about your issues with your weight. Do you have any advice for anyone who's considering going through with weight loss surgery?

Carnie: I really believe there are certain people who are pre-disposed to being obese or morbidly obese, and I speak to them because I fall in that category. I know it's always going to be a struggle for me and what i’m realizing now at almost 44 years old and two children and having been through so much. It's really about having a plan. If I plan my day and pre-plan my food and know it's healthy; I have it in my little tupperware container, I don't have to worry about making bad decisions. I really think we lack that because we don’t have the time with our busy schedules.

Full Access: Well, i’m very proud of you. I know how hard it is.

Carnie: Weight loss surgery is an individual decision, I believe it can save lives, but if you have the procedure, that does not mean that’s the answer. I really, really try to help people understand that your lifestyle has to change.

Full Access: I agree with you 100%. You have a great sense of style and so pretty. Have you ever considered coming out with a clothing line for us full-figured girls?

Carnie: Yes I have, but unfortunately 2 ventures fell through, which sucks! One of them was right when the recession hit. I’m definitely interested in fashion. I love women’s bodies; they can be 250 lbs or 150 lbs. I really believe fashion is for everybody. When we put ourselves out there and we like what we are wearing I really think it adds to our confidence.

Full Access: I totally agree. I find it’s hard to find nice clothes in the plus size sections.

Carnie: It’s definitely getting better, but I think that we have this thing where overweight people have to be covered up to their necks, and everything is really conservative and really casual. We can still wear the things other people wear that are at a lesser weight; I just believe style is a very personal thing. Truthfully accessories are huge, you would be surprised how you could spice up an outfit with just some simple accessories and it really makes you look put together.

Full Access: What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment to date?

Carnie: Oh, my children, hands down. No question about it!

Full Access: Of course, I thought you might say that!

Carnie: I just think the whole thing is beyond an outer body experience. You make love to someone you love, and the baby grows in you. You give birth, and you watch your children grow into great people. And my children are the most loving, funny and such sweet children. I could not be more proud of them or anything in my life.

Full Access: Thats so sweet!

Carnie: They are my joy!

Full Access: Does your daughters show any interest in following in mommy's footsteps musically?

Carnie: Lola is a wonderful singer, she gets all the school solo's and i’m just sitting in the crowd with my box of kleenex. She's definitely gifted.

Full Access: Carnie, Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me today, I really appreciate your time.

Carnie: You have a Beautiful Day!

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