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Genres have all started to blend into many different types of music. Many bands and artists tend to come ahead of their time. The Mavericks is quite a big piece of evidence towards this. “When we seem to do something that goes against the norm, we tend to prosper from that because we are just doing what we love to do,” says Eddie Perez, whom is the bassist for The Mavericks. The Mavericks formed 20 plus years ago and were doing things that no other artist did back in the time of the band’s beginning. Latin, country, rockabilly, and many other genres are in one excellent package. “All Night Live Volume I,” the band’s latest live record that will release in October, does a swell job of combining all the different types of music and fun that The Mavericks have to offer.

The Mavericks have so much energy and passion in every single song they sing. This shows because The Mavericks have several awards including the Country Music Awards, Grammy Awards, and even the Academy of Country Music Awards. These guys have dealt with a lot to get to where they are today. The Mavericks have had ups and downs, as most bands should. That is the reason why they are at such a great place today and have finally found their sound as The Mavericks. “It’s been quite a journey nonetheless. We’ve went from breakups to makeups, and breakups, to thinking the band that would be gone forever, then coming back. I think there is a new spirit to what we do. There have been many ups and downs. We had a founding member that decided he needed to move onto other things. I think what we are going through now is another version of what we have went through before. I think it’s just a maturity thing as you go through it, you know,” says Eddie Perez.

The Mavericks are currently in their prime now more than they ever have been. They are releasing a live album, finding their sound again, and making independent labels and wonderful partnerships. The band feels that they are currently doing better creatively than they ever have before, but still fail to pinpoint a genre, which is a good thing. “It seems to me that over the years, people have been confused by what we do. I don’t feel like what we do belongs to a certain genre and movement. When we approach these songs, I am thinking about the energy of that song and how to put that energy forth so people can relate to it. Our lead singer is at the top of his game and his voice is sounding better than ever, he is writing these incredible songs and his know how of making and putting records together, and his creativity has increased. The band to me has really kicked it up a notch in the creative sense. It’s inclusive now. We give the space for all of that to occur, so we are not really trying to fit into this genre or that genre, we are just doing what we love to do. It’s an interesting dynamic with us, I can tell you that there is a language with us when we all get together with our instruments and we all just get what we are doing, you know? We are playing music in an interesting way. It’s hard to define a genre, so I think we’ve just stopped trying,” says Perez.

Launching an independent record label is always something that an artist or band strives to do to get away from the machine. The Mavericks have successfully launched their own record label. After releasing two albums on Valory Music Company, which is a sub division of Big Machine Records, the band was able to launch their own record label called Mono Mundo Recordings with the help of Thirty Tigers, to help get The Mavericks’ products out there. With all this coming together for The Mavericks, they plan to release multiple new albums and to tour more extensively around the world. “We had our partnership with Big Machine Records for those past two records since the band got back together, and that was a good opportunity for the band. They were really big fans over there, but on another note, there is a certain way that company does things and it’s not really how we do things. Luckily, we have such fans at the label that they realized it’s a natural progression for the band to take charge and do something more like we want to do. The band has been together 25 plus years, if we don’t have this music thing down, then maybe we shouldn’t be doing this. This is really to test the waters to see how we fair with all of this. The body of work that we have coming out, does a really good job to show where we have been and where we are at. With this new partnership with Thirty Tigers, they will help us with all the distributing; it’s just a really good time for The Mavericks right now. If we are not having a ball with this and it isn’t fun, there isn’t any reason to do it anymore,” says Perez.

Furthermore, The Mavericks do not have quit in their vocabulary. They are always trying to buck the system and are always trying to bring out something new and fresh. “I think what’s special to us is that we make music that we love to. Thanks to all the fans, we seem to be on the right track. It’s an empowering time for us because I believe we are in the business of being in The Mavericks and not being in a record label. Today, I think we are all on the same page. It took us 20 plus years, but we are all brothers and we all love each other, it’s just really a joyous time for us right now as The Mavericks” says Eddie Perez. It’s quite easy to see that The Mavericks have a passion and a will to never give up. The Mavericks are here to stay and the fun sound that they bring to a stage or an album is such a unique sound that deserves to be heard by all. “I still feel like we are kids in the garage with the amazement of playing their first gig; that’s how it feels.” With all the accomplishments that The Mavericks have accomplished, just in this year alone, is hard proof that The Mavericks aren’t going anywhere.

The Mavericks will be performing as part of the Annual Clearwater Jazz Holiday Festival on Sunday, October 15th, which takes place at Coachman Park in Downtown Clearwater. Tickets are still available.

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