Pentagram - Last Rites

Tag: Heavy Metal

Pioneers of doom Pentagram and Bobby Liebling are back! Always admired for over 4 decades they have once again re-surfaced to bring us some vintage and new doom material. Last Rites is their seventh studio album and a great addition to the cult .

Liebling seems to keep it going over the years. Bobby sounds great for 57 yrs old, especially when you consider his past (drugs and booze). A charismatic individual who's love for alcohol and drug abuse gained the band some notoriety and press in the past is still kicking it up. With a new wife ,child a reviving career and a documetary out soon things are looking up for Pentagram! Lets not forget to mention the three-record Metal Blade deal.

In spinning this CD I noted that LAST RITES just like the majority of Pentagram material is still driven by guitarist Victor Griffin's haunting riffs and Lieblings signature drawl. Opening song "Treat Me Right" is a straight away Pentagram tune and "Into the ground" Bobby hypnotizes us with his signature vocal style.

It’s easy to also hear the " Pent "evolution on songs like ’8′, ‘Call the Man’, ‘Windmills and Chimes’, ‘American Dream’ (where Griffin takes the lead vocal with Liebling backing during the chorus). Nice!

All in all LAST RITES is an album that's great on it's own and a solid addition along side their other records.It's not hard to imagine how they influenced the entire genre.

Pentagram fans old and new will buy this CD. It's straight forward heavy and emotional. Now go get your doom on!

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