With everything the legendary group Lamb of God has been through over the years, only a highly publicized forced hiatus could slow them down, but never down and out. In a situation that would surely dismantle the majority of bands out there, only a strong dedication to each other along with undying love and support from and for an unparalleled fan base, they are releasing yet another album.


Europe is a Swedish rock/heavy metal band formed in 1979, outside of Stockholm, Sweden best known for songs like "The Final Countdown" and "Superstitious." The band consists of five members, Joey Tempest on vocals, John Norum on guitar, John Leven on bass, Ian Haugland on drums and Mic Michaeli on keyboards and piano.


In the late ‘80s, no one ever thought twice about religiously wearing a shirt with purple lettering that spelled out the name of a Disney princess because there was something so raw and strong about the music that it represented. Full Access Magazine was given the opportunity to interview Tom Keifer, of the band, Cinderella. Keifer’s melodious, shrill voice introduced some of us to the blues, country, ballads, and pure rock and roll, and he’s creating that same haven for us to this day.


You audition for a reality show and make it through. During the next stage, you hit the end of the road, or so you think. A second opportunity is presented to you, but this time it entails joining four other aspiring artists in a group scenario, why not! With this chance you make it all the way to third place on the show and land a record deal on a major label. Sounds like a dream right? Ask Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony and she will tell you, “I still haven't woken up.”


Every year in early June, the streets of downtown Nashville transform into the largest country music festival in the world. Fans come from all over the world every year to experience this great 4-day music festival, which was created for the fans. There is no other festival even close to this event. The CMA Music Festival gives fans the opportunity to meet, greet and bond with their favorite country artists via Fan Fair X which is located in the Music City Center.


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Brandon metal band, Into The Grave, have recently announced that Jeremy Pittman has joined the band as their new drummer. Pittman replaces former Into the Grave drummer, Kei Alexander Bland, who departed the band back in February.

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