Country music artist Hunter Hayes won his first CMA as Youngest Male Country Artist of the Year in 2012, as well as an ACA for the song ‘Wanted’ when he was just 21.

He is the youngest male ever to top the Billboard Hot Country Song Charts. These are just a few impressive milestone achieved in this young musician’s career, which also includes a 5 time Grammy nomination. He also holds a Guinness World Record for most towns played in a 24 hour period, when he teamed up with ConAgra in support of the Child Hunger Ends Her fund.


One of the most-popular and best-selling bands of the 2000’s, Nickelback, have just begun their 2015 year-long tour. Nickelback will make a few stops in Florida and can be seen March 27th at the MidFlorida Credit Union Ampitheater in Tampa. Nickelback bassist Mike Kroeger recently spent time with Full Access Magazine to talk about the band, their tour-regimen and their latest album, which their tour is named after, No Fixed Address.


In the country world, true fans know that the name Neal McCoy is easily interchangeable with ‘The Real McCoy,’ but just in case you aren’t one of them (yet), let me enlighten you. Neal McCoy, by both country music standards and humanitarian standards, is the real deal! ‘Genuine’ might as well be his middle name.


Somehow hearing the ocean in the background as I interview Andy Grammer, seems perfectly fitting. The ocean, with its’ ebbs and flows and the depths of its’ soul, reminds me of how musicians and songwriters can create something beautiful out of space, time, vibrations, and emotions, which ultimately connect us, much like the salty waters. We are on a cruise ship sailing with the band Train; a new experience for Grammer, but one the generally positive singer is enthusiastically ready to embrace.


Michael W Smith is one of the most popular and most successful singer-songwriters in the world of Contemporary Christian music. Almost always touring, Michael W Smith will bring his inspirational and entertaining sound to Florida on March 5th to the Youkey Theatre in Lakeland. Michael W recently spent time with Full Access Magazine to talk about his musical longevity, his joy of performing and his ever-growing family.


What started as an all-girl band created for reality TV in Orlando, Florida, has evolved into an all-heart, all-passion, and all-encompassing Las Vegas act in just a few short years; Dollface is now conquering Vegas, one casino after the next.

Full Access Magazine was given the opportunity to chat with Tiffany Martin, the founding member and lead singer of Dollface, and she gave us an introduction to the Dollface of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


Band News:
Tampa Bay southern rock/country band, Blackwater Jack, have announced that they have reformed following their initial breakup nearly a year ago. Originally formed in 2008, Blackwater Jack disbanded in late 2013. The band will debut their new lineup when they perform at the Porpoise Pub in Seminole on March 6th.

Dunedin rock band, Primal Shift, have announced Bradley Davis and Mike Bonnot as their new bass guitarist and drummer. Davis and Bonnot replace Lenny Freeman and David Nunez who parted ways with the band late last year.


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