Long before Mike Love and his cousins ever considered making a career out of music, they spent countless occasions simply passing the time in each others’ living rooms playing music and creating harmonies amongst family. The presence of a Steinway grand piano, a Hammond organ, and a Lyon & Healy harp lent itself to numerous “family recitals.” As original member Mike Love explains, they did this out of the “sheer love of creating harmonies together.” Such a simple joy, yet one that undeniably spawned one of the most endeared musical groups to date, The Beach Boys.


Lorrie Morgan is a Country Music legend. Despite having her most successful period some 20 years ago, Morgan has remained relevant due to her constant tour schedule as well as her collaboration with Pam Tillis. Their Grits and Glamour Show makes its first Florida stop at The Lakeland Center on January 16th before heading to Weirsdale and then Ft. Lauderdale. Morgan took a time out from her Enchanted Christmas Show Tour and talked with Full Access Magazine about her life, her career and her pairing with Tillis.


Just as Grunge dominated the airwaves in the 1990’s, the 1980’s were equally defined by both Pop and by Hard Rock. Some of the biggest, most successful Hard Rock bands came to the forefront in the later part of this decade. Some of the hardest rocking bands of this time found success in both rock and in mainstream airwaves. Bands like Guns n Roses, Whitesnake, Def Leppard and Great White found their music charting on both the Hot 100 and US Rock charts.


Lucinda Williams, originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana, is a three time Grammy award winner and songwriter. She has recently released a double album titled, “Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone.” It is Williams’ 11th studio album and is the first album released on her-own Highway 20 Record label. I talked with Lucinda Williams about her newest album and her song “Compassion,” that features one of her father’s poems, and touring.


Ashley Baker is an up-and-coming country singer out of Eustis, FL. She sat down with us to talk about how she got started and what’s in store for her up-and-coming career.


The Musicians Mastermind Alliance will be holding a workshop on Tuesday, January 6, at CJ’s On The Island located in Treasure Island. The guest speaker for the workshop will be Tony Rockliff of Tony Rockliff Productions. Rockliff, who has extensive experience in the music industry and internet marketing, will be discussing how indie artists can utilize internet marketing to further their career. The Musicians Mastermind Alliance is a networking support group for musicians and music industry professionals.


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