There are many bands out there, but one of the most hardworking bands out there right now is Motionless In White. Motionless In White is a gothic band out of Pennsylvania. We had a chance to sit down with lead singer Chris (Motionless) Cerulli to talk to him about their upcoming tour dates and what makes them work so hard.


When you think of the late 80s and early 90s, there is several artists that come to mind. One of those artists is still well-known and his music still lives on, even to the younger generation. Although most people know him for one particular song, he has released multiple albums since then. Young and old people a like still can't help but to sing along when they hear his song,"Ice Ice Baby!"


If you want to see how popular a band is open up Google and type in their name. I did this and as I typed in the word “From” the band, “From Ashes To New” came right up. Solidifying their popularity are three releases starting with their Self-Titled 2013 EP followed by 2015’s EP “Downfall” and that brings us to their first full-length effort “Day One” (Feb 2016/Better Noise). “Day One” has charted on seven different “Billboard Charts,” four of them in the top six and within the top 50 on the other three.


For the first time in years, the 2016 CMA Music Festival was defined more by artistry than mass appeal. This year the festival showcased one of the best combinations of country’s top stars and the best in up-and-coming artists.



Tampa Bay singer/songwriter, Amber Lynn Nicol, was hard at work filming a new music video last month. There has been no official announcement made as of yet to which song the music video was being filmed for.

Orlando pop singer, Ashley Nicole, has been selected to be one of the featured performers at the “Mafs Fashion and Film Heroes” event which will take place on October 29 in Orlando.


When you tell your parents that you are going to move away and be a rock star, the usual response is “Good luck with that, now cut your hair and get a real job.” In most cases, listening to them would be the right choice and save you a lot of wasted years. Not for the young John William Lowery. He was growing up in the upscale community of Grosse Pointe, MI and felt he had to make a choice. Either conform to the accepted life style or head to a place more suited to his personal style.


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