Think back and reminisce about the late 1990's. You couldn't turn on your radio without hearing them; couldn't turn on MTV without watching their videos; couldn't look at an entertainment magazine without seeing them; you couldn't go anywhere without seeing Sugar Ray.


One of the hottest, most emotionally-driven, must-see bands touring this summer is the Irish band, The Script. The Script opens for One Republic at Tampa's Mid-Florida Credit Union Amphitheatre on August 16th. Just hours after their worldwide release of their newest single, Superheroes, vocalist/ pianist Danny O'Donoghue spent some time with Full Access Magazine to discuss this all important day as well as the band's upcoming tour and their yet-to-be released album.


Jamie Lynn Spears is back in the spotlight after a five-year absence and she is ready to share her story through her music. Her EP named “The Journey,” was released in May earlier this year. I talked with Jamie Lynn Spears about her transition to country music, her album and her future plans.


The Raskins, a band formed by twin identical brothers Logan and Roger Raskin, is a rock ‘n roll band, who is currently the opening act for Motley Crue’s Final Tour. The newly formed band combines all of their musical influences from growing up with two musical parents, with their influences of today to create a unique rock ‘n roll sound. I was able to speak with Logan Raskin about their Motley Crue tour, their self-titled debut album and what other plans they have for the rest of the year.


The 23-year-old Jordanian, who lived in Amman until the age of 17, now resides in Florida and is working on the release of his debut album. An accomplished performer-songwriter, composing the music and writing the lyrics of his songs, Jaafar delivers catchy tunes wrapped in energetic rhythms and electric guitar patterns that get to you into an infectious, irresistible manner. The music would be classified as mainstream pop/soft rock, but with a subtle twist that makes it all sound very fresh.


I remember when rock was fun and light and just a good time to listen to. You turned up the music because you wanted to jam out with your friends and make some fun memories. The music was good, the singers were great, and they were the anthem to your wildness. I experience all those feelings when I listen to Muphin Chuckrs, a fun-loving band from Palmetto, Florida.


The relaunch of Queensryche with Tampa’s own Todd LaTorre as lead singer has been voted the “Most Remarkable Rock and Metal Relaunch” by Music Enthusiast Magazine. More than 23,000 readers participated in the magazine’s recent online poll which allowed readers to vote for their favorite band relaunch within the past decade. The poll included the band relaunches of Accept, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Rush, Stryper and Van Halen.


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