Think back to those days in the 1980’s when rock music was all about partying, sex, and beautiful men with long hair singing songs about women or the Devil. For a while, the music sustained us, but eventually, the repetitive themes, imagery, and sounds soon grew stale. Millions of rock fans started packing away the glam rock t-shirts that they once had worn religiously; they started to grow hungry for a different sound.


If you’re a fan of southern rock, then the “must see” band for you is Blackberry Smoke. The Atlanta-based band’s current tour stops at The House of Blues in Orlando on April 25th, where their unique fusion of southern rock, bluesgrass and country will be on full-display. Lead vocalist/guitarist Charlie Starr recently spent time with Full Access Magazine to talk about Blackberry Smoke’s ever-busy tour schedule, the band’s fan base and comparisons to legendary bands of the southern rock genre.


With a recently-released album and a new tour underway, hard rock band Crobot hopes 2015 will be their year. Crobot is gearing up to start touring with rock heavyweights Volbeat and Anthrax. Crobot will be making a stop at the Local 662 in St Petersburg on April 11 to headline a show with Drastic Fall. Crobot’s lead singer Brandon Yeagley spent some time answering questions for Full Access Magazine.


At a wedding over 40 years ago, Harry Wayne Casey (aka KC) witnessed a Junkanoo band, then music changed forever after. Junkanoo is a street parade that takes place in the Bahamas; Junkanoo music has a distinct Caribbean sound that incorporates drums, cowbells, horns, whistles and brass. KC has taken the essence of Junkanoo and infused it into music that would keep us dancing for decades. Full Access Magazine was given the opportunity to talk with KC himself to learn more about the Band’s past and its future.


Full Access Magazine had the chance to sit down and talk with Chuck Garric, bass player for Alice Cooper, before their show to discuss his own band, Beasto Blanco. We asked Chuck how he finds time between Beasto Blanco and Alice Cooper and he responded, “The nice thing about being involved with Alice, which has been the last 13 years of my life, is that it’s a pretty set schedule. So I got a pretty good idea what my downtime is going to look like. So with that being said, it’s just one of those things where it’s just a natural progression as a musician and as an artist.


Band News:
A new rock/blues band has recently formed out of St. Petersburg called Painted Fish. The band consists of Amber Lynn Nicol (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Tristan Willard (lead guitar), Justin Daniels (drums), and Mitchell Ray (bass). Painted Fish formed when Nicol and Willard met at Castaway Music Studios and started jamming and writing songs together. Both Ray and Nicol have played in bands together prior to Painted Fish.


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