HIM (House of Blues - Orlando, FL) - 11/5/17

Tag: Heavy Metal

Review/Photos By: Madalena Hutton

Sunday November 5th, fans from all over Florida flocked to Orlando's House of Blues to attend the only Florida date on The Bang & Whimper tour to take part in history. Witnessing Finnish love metal band HIM's farewell bout which was sold out. The line was speckled with red & yellow CKY band Ts, a sea of black eyeliner & purple Heartagrams. For those of you not familiar, the heartagram is HIMs logo, a cross between yup, you guessed it, a heart & pentagram. Fans waited in line for the better part of 3 hours, not wanting to miss the opportunity for a spot on the barricade. Doors opened at 6 and the music started at 7. The bill consisted of only three bands: 3teeth, CKY & HIM.

Cali based industrial quartet by the name of 3teeth, opened the show and were recieved by a hyped crowd chanting their name in Unison. Lead singer, Alexis "Lex" Mincolla gave a quick hello and immediately, with a heavy, trans metallic thunder, their set began. Playing bangers like "Pit of Fire" and "Anthropy."

Next to take the stage was West Chester, PA's CKY featuring Jess Margera and Brandon "Bam" Margera's (professional skateboarder) brother. The band had cameos on both Jackass as well as BAM which assisted with their rise to fame in the late 90s. Songs included "The Human Drive Hi-Fi," "Sporadic Movement," and a fan fav "Close yet far." The energetic trio were the perfect choice for direct support.

After a brief intermission, set change, & much anticipation from a packed venue, the house lights fell changing from white to purple illuminating the stage as fog machines burped out billows of semi transparent fluff. Moments after, the 26 year goth rock/metal vegetarians known as HIM took the stage and was greeted with a mixed eruption of love and excitement. Frontman Ville Vallo dressed in a form fitting suit adorned with his iconic beanie and approached the Mic beaming. Babel was the first song of the monstrous 19 song set list which also consisted of the following: Babel, Heartache, 666, Kiss of Dawn, Sacrament, Reas of the Tape, Butterfly, Gonari, Soul on Fire, Wicked Game, Killing Loneliness Poison Girl, Bleed Well, Heart Killer, Join Me, It's all Tears, In Joy and Sorrow, Right Here and Funeral. There was a point where Ville was addressing the crowd near the end and an enthralled fan blurted out, "Make one more album!," to which Ville's response was, "I don't fucking think so."

According to Wikipedia, HIM have released eight studio albums, one live album, eight compilation albums, one EP, twenty-eight singles, three video albums, and twenty-nine music videos. I have to admit, I only knew a few songs of their songs. I was not what you would call a fan, I never bought an album, or had a band T. They just weren't my cup of tea so to speak, but there was something magical about being there with true fans as they said their goodbyes.

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