Barenaked Ladies/Cowboy Mouth (Margarita Fest - Tampa, FL) - 5/27/17

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By: Neal Nachman

The Margarita Festival was held Saturday night at Curtis Hixon Park in Downtown Tampa. The event gave attendees the opportunity to listen to great music, good food, and plenty of Margaritas. Attendees were able to enjoy more than 50 varieties of margarita drinks including a Sriracha strawberry, a bacon rita and even a jalapeno Cabo rita. This year was the first year the festival went cashless, by offering a cashless wristband. Attendees had to link their credit cards to their wristband to purchase all drink purchases.

After a great day of musical entertainment from local performances and artists, the crowd was ready for the 2 main acts to take to the stage, which featured performances by headliners Barenaked Ladies and their support act Cowboy Mouth. There was probably around 10,000 people in attendance to enjoy the evening with the Barenaked Ladies and Cowboy Mouth.

Cowboy Mouth was very entertaining throughout their set, and really warmed the crowd to get them ready for the Barenaked Ladies. Their songs are very comical and poke fun at a variety of topics.And in between songs, they made several jokes to keep everyone engaged. They performed songs like "Belly," "Joe Strummer," ZZ Top cover "Tush," I Believe," and of course the crowd favorite, "Jenny Says."

After a 50 minute set change, in which a DJ helped pass the time as everyone waited for the Barenaked Ladies to take to the stage.

Around 9:30pm, the Barenaked Ladies took to the stage the Margarita Festival. The Band opened their set performing their song, "It's All Been Done." They kept the set lively and entertaining while being interactive and comedic with the crowd in between songs, and continuously made sure everyone was having a great time. Although it was an older crowd, the energy was still high. Singer Ed made sure everyone was dancing, “If you want someone to sit down because you can’t see, chances are you’re doing it wrong.” It was expected that they would have an amazing show because they are so reputable. The acoustics were amazing, they played with a clear and crisp sound, and it didn’t sound overproduced. I also enjoyed the fact of how well they composed themselves. They performed songs like "Duct Tape Heart," "The Old Apartment," "Narrow Streets," "Brian Wilson," and "Falling for the First Time."

A great additive to the show was the playing of “The Big Bang Theory” theme song. Towards the end of the show, the band played classics such as Pinch Me, One Week, If I Had $1,000,000, the Barenaked Rap and for the encore, they performed Alcohol.

It was a great night out to enjoy great music, drinks and plenty of good entertainment. Barenaked Ladies did a great job entertaining the capacity crowd and everyone appeared to have a great time at the festival.

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