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There are so many rock bands in the world that play all different genres of music. Some of them may be talented, but rarely do bands stay together with the same lineup. Alter Bridge brings a different story to this, over a decade into playing, the band lineup hasn’t changed and these guys rock like they have from the beginning. Their 5th album entitled, “The Last Hero,” releasing in October, proves that Alter Bridge has no desire to quit anytime soon and they are better and bigger than ever. Alter Bridge is here to stay for a long time.

Formed in 2003 with former members of Creed, Myles Kennedy, formally in The Mayfield Four, brought a brand new sound to the band themselves, differentiating from the sound of their former band. “Open Your Eyes” became a hit song immediately and allowed an amazing release for Alter Bridge’s debut album, “One Day Remains.” From that point, the band was noticed on an international level. The United Kingdom took much love to Alter Bridge, allowing them to fill stadium sized venues all over Europe, with dates selling out all over the United Kingdom. It’s taken a bit longer for America to get behind Alter Bridge, but with 2013 album “Fortress,” the band began touring more extensively in America and the love for Alter Bridge is finally being shown in America. “That was no real planning for how it turned out. You know, you just take the show on the road and see where it goes. We discovered over a decade ago, that for whatever reason, there was more interest in the band over in Europe. We spent a lot of time building up those markets, and going back and going back and going back. With the US, it’s not that we didn’t tour the United States a lot. Sometimes it just depends on the band and it could be backwards,” says Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy.

Alter Bridge is one of the best live bands in the world today. They have released two Blu-Ray and DVD compilations titled “Live From Amsterdam” and “Live From Wembley Stadium,” which have both sold well and does a wonderful job of capturing the energy and the wonderful show that Alter Bridge puts on for the band’s thousands of fans. They are one of the few bands out there today that can capture the live show and show it on a TV screen. “The wonderful thing about DVDs and Blu-Rays is that it’s always good to document things and I love doing that. We are definitely due for another one soon, it’s been a while.” Alter Bridge can perform in any room whether it is a big festival or arena atmosphere, all the way to an intimate House of Blues, rest assured that Alter Bridge will bring the energy, no matter where they are.

All of the guys in Alter Bridge have other projects. Even when the band is on a break, none of the guys are. Myles Kennedy, whom is the lead singer, plays with Slash and the Conspirators when he is not doing anything with Alter Bridge. “They are very different vibes. That’s what keeps a record fresh for me. You know, Alter Bridge is more of a metal vibe at times. As with Slash is more straight up Rock and roll with more of a soulful element. They are different enough to where I can go in a completely different direction. It definitely keeps me inspired and keeps me on my toes,” says Myles. Mark Tremonti, whom is the guitarist for Alter Bridge has an amazing solo project, Tremonti. Mark has released 3 albums within the last four years. Tremonti has had much success with the double concept albums titled “Cauterize” and the second part “Dust,” which has seen much mainstream success and radio play throughout the world.

The band has got to participate in many other outlets for their music. This includes performances on the Tonight Show. Their single “Rise Today,” from the album Blackbird was used for several commercials and TV Shows including Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The song “Metalingus” from their debut album “One Day Remains,” was theme song for World Wrestling Entertainment’s own Adam Copeland (aka Edge). The band even performed the song “Find the Real” on Monday Night Raw with Edge. “The thing that struck me was how professional and cool a lot of those wrestlers were. I got to meet a bunch of them backstage, I love what they do. They are great entertainers and know what they are doing, that’s for sure,” says Myles Kennedy.

“The Last Hero” is Alter Bridge’s latest record and it will be released on October 7th of this year. The hit single “Show Me A Leader” has already received amazing reviews and words, after its debut on Sirius/XM Octane. This album takes on a theme of how the world needs a hero. Alter Bridge does a great job of continuing the evolution of the band, while being able to combine elements of all the previous records. “The best way to describe the record is, if you’ve listened to what we have done in the past, there are elements for all those records in there. There are definitely elements from ‘Fortress,’ ‘ABIII,’ and ‘Blackbird,’ but there are also some concepts that we’ve never done before. A lot of times during creativity, you just let the chips fall where they may,” says Myles.

What Alter Bridge has got to accomplish in there illustrious 13 year career is amazing. They have tackled every single outlet of the music and entertainment industry and show no sign of stopping anytime soon. Whether all the guys in the band are involved in side projects or not, when Alter Bridge comes back, they are a force to be reckoned with. With five albums under their belt, two live DVDs, and a box set, they still have so much left to offer for all the metalheads of the world. “The Last Hero” will bring a promising future for Alter Bridge, with meaningful lyrics and powerful singing. This is where Alter Bridge wants to be. They are a powerhouse in the United Kingdom, but now the United States will began to feel all the amazing energy that Alter Bridge has to offer. It doesn’t matter if one decides to listen to an album or go to a live show. Fans will be able to connect to what these guys have to offer and find a string of hope through all the amazing music created by Alter Bridge.

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